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Life at Cole Gavlas

Life at Cole Gavlas

Life at Cole Gavlas is guided by our firm’s core values: Choose Accountability, Be Inquisitive, Empower Yourself Through Knowledge, and Be a Team Player. In the same way these core values serve as the foundation of our long-standing client relationships, they empower us to create a culture of growth and collaboration within our firm.

Choose AccountabilityChoose Accountability
We value our client-first approach to service, but the choice to take responsibility and deliver on promises doesn’t stop once we leave the office. The Cole Gavlas team takes our core value of choosing accountability into the surrounding community. We are active participants and supporters in a number of community and professional organizations, and all our team members are not just encouraged but supported in their efforts to engage with the community.

Be InquisitiveBe Inquisitive
We are a team of problem solvers. We value asking questions. That’s why you won’t see many closed doors at Cole Gavlas. Our partners’ doors are open, and they regularly meet with staff one-on-one. We strive to create a collaborative environment where staff can learn from their peers as well as from the partners. 

Empower Yourself Through KnowledgeEmpower Yourself Through Knowledge
New legislation, revised accounting standards, evolving technology—the accounting field is constantly changing. We want our team to change and grow with it. Not only does learning new skills help us become better accountants and advisors, but it also helps our minds grow stronger and more equipped to handle new challenges (seriously). That’s just one of the many reasons why we support our staff in their professional development with continuing education for both technical and soft skills.

Be a Team PlayerBe a Team Player
Our main goal for our staff is pretty simple: we work as a team to get things done. We treat each other with respect and prioritize communication. It also helps that we like each other a lot. We enjoy spending time together and celebrating each other’s milestones. We have a firm lunch once a week and birthday celebrations every month. We go to a Western Michigan football game every year and host an annual golf outing. During tax season, we keep each other sane with a different fun activity every week. Our team is our most valuable asset, and we make sure they know it.

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